Star Wars Fall 2018 Theme Semester!

Join us for the kick-off event to the Star Wars Theme Semester on Monday, September 17, at 6 PM in the Orangerie!!

FREE. Refreshments served.

View the first photo for a list of Star Wars events taking place this semester.

Be sure to play Star Wars Bingo with the card below!

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Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex Trafficking

Following screening of the film, Stopping Traffic – a film on a disturbing but important topic – Dr. Francesca Degiuli and Dr. David  Rosen will moderate a discussion on ending child trafficking. #EVERYSOULCOUNTS

Light refreshments served. RSVP to


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DuBois at 150: A Sesquicentennial Birthday Celebration of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois

Celebrate the 150th birthday of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois with Dr. Randall Westbrook on Friday, February 23, in the Orangerie at 2 PM!
Enjoy afternoon tea/coffee and cookies.
Then, take a moment to stop down the hall into the Library Reference Room to view an extensive exhibition on DuBois.
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Voices of Crime: Constructing and Contesting Social Control in Modern Latin America

The first Monninger Conversation Series event of the spring semester and the fourth semester of the series!

A book discussion of Dr. Luz Huertas’ new book, hosted by Dr. Jordan Nowotny.

Light refreshments.  FREE and open to the public.


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The Long March Home: An American Soldier’s Life as a Nazi Slave Laborer

Robert Max, a 94 year old veteran, is the last living American soldier to have escaped and survived Nazi slave labor in World War II.

He is a great speaker and has a fascinating story to tell.

Mr. Max will speak at FDU on Monday, November 13, at 3:30 PM in Lenfell Hall in the Mansion.

FREE and light refreshments served. RSVP to



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Fox News and American Politics: How One Channel Shapes American Politics and Society

Join author Professor Dan Cassino for this timely discussion. Hosted by Professor Chris Caldiero.

Wednesday, November 8, at 3:30 PM in the Orangerie.

FREE and light refreshments served.

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Where Have All The Heroes Gone? The Changing Nature of American Valor

A book discussion with Profs. Krista Jenkins and Bruce Peabody, hosted by Prof. Gloria Pastorino will take place on Wednesday, October 18, at 3:30 PM in the Orangerie in the Monninger Center.

FREE and light refreshments served.

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Faculty Book Celebration!

Join Rebecca Chace and Minna Proctor today at 3 PM to celebrate the publication of their books! Free and refreshments will be served.

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Banned Book Event!

Wait until you see which books have been banned and the reasons why!! You  will be surprised.

Stop by Tuesday, September 26, at 3:30 PM in the Orangerie to hear if your favorite passage from your beloved banned book is read by students from the Visual and Performing Arts department .

Light refreshments served.


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Progress and Poverty: Confronting Economic Inequity in America

Join the panel discussion on Thursday, April 27, at 3:30 PM in the Wroxton Room in the Student Center to discuss Henry George and how his beliefs are still relevant today.

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